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About Anypoint Platform for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

The Anypoint Platform for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) component is a fully integrated solution that enables organizations to design, develop, deploy, manage, and operate APIs, connectivity apps and microservices within the infrastructure provided by Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

The Anypoint Platform for PCF solution enables you to:

  • Deploy Mule applications to PCF using the Runtime Manager UI.

  • Create and deploy a Mule proxy application to PCF. A proxy application intercepts traffic to a non-Mule application, enabling you to apply policies and view usage metrics.

If you are using Anypoint Platform for PCF and you have multiple PCF installations, each must be linked to its own separate installation of Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition.

If you have a PCF installation with multiple spaces, you must run the Space Configuration Tool on each of these spaces. If your Anypoint Platform organization uses multiple environments, it is recommended that you have one PCF space for each.

Anypoint Platform for PCF uses the following services:

  • Runtime Manager Service: exposes PCF as a deployment target within the Anypoint Runtime Manager and lets you deploy Mule applications to PCF, alongside other deployment targets.

  • API Gateway Service: enables you to create and deploy a Mule API proxy that intercepts traffic to a non-Mule application running on PCF. This allows you to use the MuleSoft interface to apply policies over the API and the PCF interface to view usage and policy metrics.

  • Anypoint Metering Service: provides an API that enables you to view usage metrics for Mule applications deployed to PCF. You can view usage metrics for production, pre-production, staging, and development environments.

To Install and Configure

For procedures for installing and configuring Anypoint Platform for PCF, see Workflow: Install, Configure, and Use Anypoint Platform for PCF.